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Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy

We allow 15 minutes of lateness before defaulting to a cancellation.  After 15 minutes the scheduled session is determined to be a "No-show". Once you have paid for your enrollment, sessions are prepared and individually tailored for you. Your Spanish lessons  are prepared based on your needs, introductory course, Spanish level test and experience, which is established by you jointly with your tutor in advance. We allocate schedules and time slots, based on each student and tutor coordination. Our tutors work based  on lessons session hours given to the student. Cancellations after enrollment and payment, place a burden on tutors' time effort and availability to receive income for teaching Spanish Online. You are required to notify your tutor via email of cancellations of sessions, with a minimum of 24 hours notice (48 or more is preferred). Failure to notify cancellations or "No-shows", under these terms will result in the scheduled lesson being charged to your paid hours on credit. However, sessions cancelled within less than 24 hours will be deducted from your available hours, not to exceed 1 hour, by default. Please take into consideration the tutors time and effort to making themselves available for the scheduled sessions before canceling sessions, this will keep us maintain our fees low. Affected tutors will be partially compensated for improper cancellations.

Once enrolled, you have a period of 90 days to complete each lesson group of 5 hours. Since there are costs associated with the preparation and allocation of tutorís time, cancellations made after processing are only available as credit and are not reimbursable as cash. It is essential that you complete your 5 sessions within a reasonable period of time. In an effort to provide you with a flexible schedule we allow up to 90 days for you to complete your paid lessons.

Remember that you have a period of 90 days after enrollment to complete your 5 individually enrolled lessons.
After 90 days
from original date of payment, any hours remaining as credit will expire, definitely.

Unused expired credit hours "only", may be reinstated with a 50% discount on additional hours purchased not to exceed the expired hours. This does not apply to hours or sessions  cancelled without the proper 24 hours cancellation limit and protocol.

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