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 Basic Spanish
Basic Spanish

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Native Spanish Language Teacher
Specialized in training business executives and professionals
12 years of experience
Basic level course designed for people who either have no knowledge of the language, or who need a refresher of the basics of Spanish.
This course provides students with a general understanding of basic Spanish. Students learn basic grammar and vocabulary that enables them to reinforce and increase their conversational Spanish skills.

Focus of the course
Learn vocabulary for everyday conversation
Practice how to pronounce
Learn how to compose correct sentences
Improve comprehension of native speakers

No previous knowledge of Spanish
Age group: Middle School and above
No textbook; dictionary recommended
Broadband connection
Headphones and a Skype account (free)

Sample Lesson
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Preliminary Information
Greetings - Basic Vocabulary
Definite & Indefinite Article
Numbers - Present Tense Irregulars
Gender & Number
Days of the week, months
Personal & Possessive Adjectives
Demonstrative Adjetives
Personal & Possessive Pronouns
Dialogues, colors, fruits, At the      airport, Taking a Taxi, Directions
Preliminary Information
Verbs in the present tense
Definite & Indefinite Article
Irregular verbs (-ar) (-er) (-ir)
Ser & Estar / to be